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Rejuvenate Joints, Muscles & Bones, Nourish Skin, and Fuel Your Body and Protein Needs.

Each RAWLAB COLLAGEN PEPTIDES serving contains:
Protein  250 mg
Alanine  860 mg 
Arginine  730 mg
Aspartic Acid  580 mg
Glutamic Acid  1020 mg
Glycine 2210 mg
Histidine 100 mg
Hydroxyproline 1190 mg
Isoleucine 140 mg
Leucine  270 mg 
Methionine  90 mg 
Phenylalanine 210 mg
Proline  1260 mg 
Serine  320 mg 
Threonine 180 mg 
Lysine  360 mg 
Hydroxylysine  160 mg 
Tyrosine  80 mg 
Valine  240 mg 
Vitamin K2 10 µg

Less than 1 kj per serving.

30 servings