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Vitanesse Boost
Vitanesse Boost

Vitanesse Boost

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Vitanesse Boost is specially formulated with the optimum combination of all vitamins, minerals and nutrients required to strengthen and keep the immune system healthy and
functioning optimally.

The immune system is a complex system and it requires balance and harmony of crucial micro nutrients all of which is included in
Vitanesse Boost.

Antioxidants are molecules that neutralize free radicals, unstable molecules that in excess can harm your cells. The immune system uses free radicals to fight infections and your body requires a balance between free radicals and antioxidants to function.

Essential nutrients required for optimum health and growth of cells in the body. An optimally functioning immune system is crucial for a healthy body

Minerals are substances your body needs for normal growth and functioning. Some facilitate crucial chemical reactions, while others act as building blocks for the body.

Each Vitanesse Boost tablet contains:
Vitamin A Ā 3500 IU
Beta carotene Ā 2.8 mg
Vitamin C Ā 60 mg
Vitamin D Ā 400 IU
Vitamin E Ā 30 IU
Thiamine Ā 1.3 mg
Riboflavin Ā 1.7 mg
Nicotinamide Ā 20 mg
Pyridoxine Ā 1.6 mg
Folic acid Ā 400 Ī¼g
Pantothenic acid Ā 10 mg
Chromium Ā 120 Ī¼g
Molybdenum Ā 75 Ī¼g
Chloride Ā 71 mg
Potassium Ā 78 mg
Sodium Ā 46 mg
Ā Vitamin B12 Ā 7 Ī¼g
Ā Biotin Ā 31 Ī¼g
Ā Calcium Ā 162 mg
Ā Iron Ā 18 mg
Ā Phosphorus Ā 250 mg
Ā Iodine Ā 150 Ī¼g
Ā Magnesium Ā 100 mg
Ā Zinc Ā 15 mg
Ā Selenium Ā 200 Ī¼g
Ā Copper Ā 2 mg
Ā Manganese Ā 2.6 mg
Ā Silicon Ā 2 mg
Ā Boron Ā 150 Ī¼g
Ā Vanadium Ā 10 Ī¼g
Ā Lutein Ā 250 Ī¼g
Ā Lycopene Ā 300 Ī¼g

Sugar Free