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Vitanesse Vita C 1000
Vitanesse Vita C 1000
Vitanesse Vita C 1000

Vitanesse Vita C 1000

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Vitanesse Vita C 1000

Vita C 1000 is specially formulated effervescent tablet with an optimum combination of Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinacea to strengthen and keep the immune system healthy and functioning optimally.

Vitamin C - plays an especially important role in maintaining proper immune function.

Zinc - aids in the optimal absorption of Vitamin C.

Echinacea - is used to strengthen the immune system.

Each Rejuvenesse Vitanesse Vita C 1000 effervescent tablet contains:

Vitamin C

1000 mg


50 mg

Elemental Zinc

5 mg

Contains sugar and sweetener: Sorbitol and Saccharin